I’m Jenna Glazier, a young Jewish woman wandering the desert of the theatre industry whilst pursuing a degree at Emerson College in Boston. I strongly believe in the importance of stripping theatre, issues, and life down to its core to see it for what it really is-- to make sure the messages we are giving and receiving are powerful enough to stand on their own without costumes or bright, blinding lights.

Welcome to Strip It Down, where the divide between men and women in the theatre industry, specifically within the Jewish community, will be acknowledged, challenged, and eventually erased.

For those readers who did not grow up having to miss random days of school to sit in synagogue for Rosh Hashanah services, there is a physical divider between men and women in certain synagogues called a mechitza. Usually providing more room for attendance on the men’s side, the mechitza was originally created in order to prevent distractions and encourage a stronger focus on prayer.

Fast forward about 4,000 years-- now generally everyone understands that we can go about our lives without needing a giant divider separating women from men in order to get shit done. As it turns out, women and men are equally capable and deserve the same opportunities! The theatre industry has apparently missed that memo.

There is no doubt that hundreds of incredible Broadway musicals, famous production companies, and iconic performances have been created by Jewish people. But if you look closer at who has most of  the opportunities and privileges to contribute to this industry, you’ll be confronted with a sea (not parted, yet) of Jewish men (Brooks, Klein, King, Sondheim, Hammerstein, Kander, Ebb, Schwartz).  But Jewish women are stuck singing Matchmaker and Don’t Rain On My Parade until the house lights come up.

On Strip It Down, you can look forward to loads of production reviews, juicy interviews with Jewish women from around the New England and New York area, and a current events in theatre section to satisfy the gossipy Jewish woman in all of us.

The latest female revolution is already upon us. Women of all shapes, ages, colors, backgrounds, sexualities, and beliefs are reclaiming our right to be in this world and create something magnificent. Strip It Down creates an opportunity for Jewish women in theatre industry to kick down the mechitza, take their places, and start the show.

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